Way to Go Prop 8 Protesters

To all Prop 8 Protesters,

Grow a pair.

Why are the gay rights activists directly protesting the mormon church? That's fine if they want to, what with being so tolerant and understanding of alternative paradigms, it makes sense they would. Mormons make up about 2% of California's total population, which seems like a small number. But 2% of the population of california amounts to roughly 770,000 which is more than the difference of the Prop 8 voting results. So assuming all the mormons in California voted yes on Prop 8, then that's the difference. So I understand why the Prop 8 antagonists would single out that group to project their frustrations.

I'm not saying they aren't protesting elsewhere. Safe havens like San Fran, Laguna Beach, and Palm Springs have all been hit up by protesters. But much focus has been placed in protesting against the mormon church because, "it is a travesty that the Mormon Church bought this election and used a campaign of lies and deception to manipulate voters in the great state of California." Yep, "bought the election" with all of $4943.18 that the church actually donated to ProtectMarriage.com. That's an astounding .000156% of the total contributions to the Yes on 8 campaign.

Now I'm sure you've all heard that African Americans overwhelmingly supported Prop 8 to the tune of 70%. As many as 500,000 new African American voters cast ballots in California over the issue. With that in mind, I repeat my call to all gay rights activists to grow a pair.

Why aren't we reading about protest marches in Compton, Inglewood, San Bernardino and Watts? Why isn't the NAACP being bombarded with postcards? Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton should be blamed moreso than Thomas Monson. Although I don't have the research, I'm certain that more African Americans voted for Prop 8 than did mormons, so where is that backlash? All we hear are a few "tsk tsks" and, "you should know betters". Nothing compared to the mass marches at mormon temples.

The only explanation I can come up with is that protests are planned in those areas as soon as the ACLU and its ilk can repeal the 2nd amendment.

Seriously, Prop 8 protesters, way to go!

P.S. everyone who voted for Prop 8, really, seriously, way to go.


lauren said...

oh yeah, and i love how the protest has spread to utah, because we all had an opportunity to vote on this proposition.

oh wait...

i'm pretty sure i only got to vote on two propositions and they were about funding for the tracy aviary and the hogle zoo.

and let's not even get into the other churches who also supported prop 8. because the mormons are such an easy target.

at least missouri finally got rid of that pesky extermination order. that's progress.

Benjamin J Burr said...

Dude everyone who reads your blog should read my latest post on http://www.independentbloghorn.com It's a doozy.

Michelle Tolboe said...

And mine as well.
we're all on the same page.


VerHoef family said...

Glad to have this blog now to comment on! And that I can actually comment something important! Way to go man!