No thanks, you keep it.

I hate bumper stickers and personalized licence plates. If you've got one and I'm driving behind you, just know that I am making so much fun of you that it isn't even funny. However, the other day I did see a bumper sticker that actually made me laugh out loud. It read:

"I'll keep my guns, my money and my freedom. You can keep the 'change'."

Whoever made that one up should be appointed by Obama as Congressional Motors' new Bumper Sticker Czar.


Please Take The Survey

Please take the survey to the right.

An incident occurred in one of my classes. I'm curious to see what the rest of the world thinks.

An explanation will follow once it's closed.


Earth Hour

Nearly everyone around our good green globe participated in earth hour...except Mother Nature.

While man was busy turning off lights around the globe, mother nature was busy spouting greenhouse gases 65,000 feet into the air.

Seriously, Mother Nature, throw us a bone. Wait, throwing a bone might raise your carbon footprint somehow. I mean, we turned off the the Colliseum, the Great Pyramids, and a bunch of other stuff that has had its lights on for millenia. All I'm saying is, next year you better get with the program, or else...

(we'll tax your a@# off with an ingenious Cap-and-Trade system).