Treason in America

Treason is defined by Merriam-Webster as 1: the offense of attempting by overt acts to overthrow the government of the state to which the offender owes allegiance 2: Berkeley, CA. If you aren't familiar with the incident, please Google "Berkeley" and any of the following: "Anti-Marine," "Liberal," "Code Pink," "City Council," or "War Protest." If hearing whatever you have heard doesn't cause your blood to boil, then just consider yourself one of Satan's anti-American minions.
My solution to the problem is simple. In fact, I offer two fair-minded solutions. They both stem from the fact that the city of Berkeley, and anyone who supports the Council's decision to "uninvite" Armed Forces recruiters and to grant Code Pink a parking spot in front of the Marine's recruiting office so they can more easily protest, is guilty of treason as per the aforementioned definition. So the first solution is really pretty simple. Rather than take an entire horde of liberal psychos to court to try them, allow Berkeley and all who will follow to secede from the nation. Be sure to strip them of any form of American Armed Forces protection. Then immediately invade Berkeley with brutal military force, and send everyone to Guantanamo to be tried in the military courts. Since these people previously lived in California, they won't mind being crowded into an inadequately small space anyway.
The second solution is fair-minded, but a little less realistic. And this goes for anyone who takes anti-war protesting beyond sane and established methods (sane methods like voting for anti-war officials, and protesting while NOT wearing anything pink). I plead with anyone who is sincerely against the war to go and protest in Iraq and Afghanistan. If you really feel that strongly about it, go over there and do something about it. Go stand in front of the tanks, sniper bullets, and shrapnel, and win the support of the people. Choose a nice dictator to take over. And heck, stay over there in your new, fun paradise. That way the troops can come home, the war will end, and we'll owe it all to your efforts.
I would honestly rather live next to a current Guantanamo detainee than next to one of these pink Berkelified lunatics. At least I'd know how to defend myself.


Ashley said...

What if I told you I really really really wanted to move to Berkeley? Would you still love me?

Anonymous said...

i agree that california is retarded. but, in defense of all retards out there, does anything make sense in the world when democrats have to choose between a femnazi bitch and a black muslim to represent them in the socialist party? i thought it was a long shot for us to ever have a black or a female president, but both running at the same time?! the USA sure is taking it up the ass this time around!