Possible Solutions

OK left wing, you win. You have been successful at putting the country on the road to bankruptcy with your socialist "everyone deserves everything and nobody deserves nothing" policies. The topic of the day is the US prison system. Please refer here and here for more information on the topic.

So 1 in 100 US adults are in prison. That's fine for the most part. 1 in 100 US adults probably deserve to be in prison, and that ratio should be higher in my mind. So what is the problem? The cost for "corrections" (the liberal term for babysitting) in this country was $44 billion dollars last year. California alone spent $9 billion last year on babysitting prisoners, which amounts to roughly $50,000 a year per prisoner. Holy crap! Given that over 80% of prisoners are repeat offenders, you can't honestly tell me that money is being well spent. Unless the guards are getting gold embroidered silk toilet paper, I can't imagine why a prisoner who will most likely never, ever legally contribute $50,000 to society should have that much spent on them. Granted the amount spent for a prisoner per year on average is just under 20 grand, I state the extreme to make a case against the extremists.

In some states the government spends more on babysitting than on public education, including higher education. It doesn't take a genius to figure out that can only lead to a vicious cycle of a less educated populace with more criminals per capita, but it does take a liberal "human rights" activist to manipulate the world into thinking anything other than 5 star prison treatment is wrong.

Here is my solution (which I owe partly to my brother). The most vile criminals who are in for a life sentence or more should be given the death penalty. Let's do the math, assuming your state still has the budget to teach you math. A young 25 year old married man kills his wife and unborn child. He gets life in jail without parole. Sounds reasonable right? Assuming the average (not even accounting for inflation!) of $20,000 per year for 40 years. The government will spend $800,000 keeping him alive. That's a conservative calculation there, and the overall cost is astronomical. The US can not afford to keep these people alive.

So if that is too harsh, outsource our prison system to China and Russia. We'll pay for the flight over, and then we'll just match what they spend per prisoner and give that money to them. It's bound to be a lot cheaper. And it's certainly bound to get people to think twice about committing a crime when they know they are heading off to the sweatshops in China, or to the steppes of Siberia.

If that doesn't work, then build a snowfort prison in freakin' Antarctica, 1,000 miles away from anyone. Give them all a warm coat, and drop supplies off every week or so. This ought to please the liberals because the prisoners would get everything they want. They wouldn't be restricted to tiny inhumane cells. They wouldn't be chained up like dogs (which is illegal according to PETA). They can do whatever they want. There are no restrictions on visitors; they can come and go whenever they want. And if the repeat offender child molester wants out to continue destroying society along with his liberal activist judge who gave him a 30 day sentence, he's free to leave whenever he wants.

My final solution if those are all too cruel is to bring back forced labor. Force prisoners to "do the jobs Americans won't" and then pay to send all the illegal immigrants to technical trade schools. That would do more for the economy than any stimulus package ever would. Make these prisoners earn their room and board through free labor. Make them rebuild a part of the society they so readily destroyed.

Why does the American public education system fail? Because instead of investing in our success and future, we're too busy babysitting our past failures.


Blogdor said...

I'm curious to see what Michelle has to say about these suggestions, as she has come out of the closet as a liberal...

Ashley said...

Oops, that was me. Come on liberal Michell, do tell why these are such wicked ideas...or anyone else for that matter.

Greg and Lauren said...

at last someone has the guts to say it... i think we should enforce the death penalty, and at the very least, castrate all the repeat sex offenders. just an idea.

Heather said...

Adam has been pro-castration for his entire life--for sex offenders, that is.
I agree wholeheartedly.

Benjamin J Burr said...

The overcrowded prisons are Bush's fault.

Michelle Tolboe said...

I've just been called out!!!!!!!

Executions cost more than life in prison. It costs an average of 2 million dollars per execution. That's a lot more money than $800,000.

But honestly the Antartica idea doesn't sound so bad. You knew I was going to say that!

"What says the law? You will not kill. How does it say it? By killing!"
-Victor Hugo, author of Les Miserables