Don't give up on the US just yet

The US and President Bush have received a lot of criticism over the past several years for their hawkish attitude toward Iraq and Afghanistan. Some of the US's most boisterous critics have been Venezuela's Hugo Chavez, Ecuador's Rafael Correa, and Iran's Mahmoud Ahmnotgoingtoeventry. The US has been blasted for its unlawful invasion of sovereign territory. My how soon these hypocrites forget their words.
Recently a Columbian military strike attacked FARC rebels just across the Ecuadorian-Columbian border. Their strike was a success, killing one of FARC's senior leaders. Yes, they did strike in Ecuadorian territory without permission or collaboration. That is where the problem lies. Or so it seems.
Columbia's strike uncovered the previous clandestine ties that both Venezuela and Ecuador have with FARC, FARC's mission to overthrow the Columbian government, its international drug smuggling operations, and intentions to acquire enriched uranium. See here.
Now Venezuela is threatening Columbia by deploying its armed forces along the Columbian-Venezuelan border, threatening war with Columbia. It seems that Chavez isn't as much concerned about a global socialist peaceful paradise as he is about using his bandwagon criticism of the US to hide his brand of world war via drugs and terrorism. I mean, Correa and Chavez have funded the FARC, within their own countries to carry out attacks in Columbia. Sounds a lot like the Iranian Revolutionary Guard. In my book, if you fund a group that conducts an attack in another country, it is just as if you were carrying out the attack. If a man orders a hitman to kill someone, they both get tried for the crime.
Come on people. Don't jump on the anti-America, anti-Bush, anti-war bandwagon just because these pillars of peace around the world condemn us. These leaders are far more trigger happy than the US ever has been, and they don't seem to hesitate for one second to threaten war the moment their "peaceful" sponsorship of terrorism is exposed.

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Benjamin J Burr said...

The whole Columbia, Farc, Venezuela, Ecuador thing is Bush's fault.